Silver Uni

Silver Uni
Western NM University in Silver City

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fun in Silver City

We have found so many things to do while we are here in Silver.  In the first days we were here we attended a community fair on the streets of downtown Silver City.  There were vendors selling artistic wares, food booths and music.  Just a relaxed come-and-visit atmosphere.  Everyone we have run into has been friendly and happy.

A week or so later we attended a Tamale Festival.  There must have been 20 booths selling tamales.  Some in green sauce and others in red.  You don't have to look far to have fresh tamales anytime in this town.  They also had a Mariachi Band playing.  They are all students from Western New Mexico University (WNMU).  They have worked really hard this semester and have been earning awards.  There are 3 guitars, a couple of trumpets, a harp, a couple of violins, and every one of the musicians also sings in great harmony.  We are really enjoying the culture and getting into the music especially.

Next came the Christmas Light Parade down Bullard Street.  I think the Institute should get involved next year.  Mostly it was a vehicle with some kind of Christmas theme and then it was decked in lights.  The street and store lights all down Bullard were turned off and the parade lasted about 10 minutes.  But in the 2 hours we waited for it we wandered the street and visited so many shops.  We have tons of thrift stores and antique shops (sometimes you don't really know which is which), art galleries and studios.  Then more than a few restaurants and gift shops.  It's fun.

The next week we went with the YSA Branch to work for a while at the Food Bank.  We do that every month.  When we finished, we learned that help was needed at the City Museum to decorate for Christmas.  We worked draping garland and ribbons on the staircase and in front of the transom windows in the foyer.  Loved Josh and his enthusiasm for whatever needs to be done.  It looked lovely.

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