Silver Uni

Silver Uni
Western NM University in Silver City

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Silver City Here We Come

The cliffs in the next town over.
It has been a wonderful, miserable, long, short time getting on a mission but we did it!!  We are here in Silver City, New Mexico and we love it here. It's been three and half weeks and it just feels like home.

Our branch is very small right now and the University is breaking for Christmas in about 10 days. That will lower our numbers even more.  We will probably have about 5 young adults and 5 married couples for Sunday meetings for the next month.  We are on the hunt for those who are "hiding out." I'm sure there are students who are loving their independence at school and just don't want to get up in the morning for Church.  Our strategy is to walk the campus and ask if they're Mormons.  If they say yes we've got them.  If they say no we'll ask them if they know any Mormons and ask them to bring them to Institute where we will feed them.

We talked to a Tongan man named Guinney who said he bring them.  I don't think he really believed about the food though so we are making posters to put on the sidewalk to let them know what we are making that day.  We'll have hot dogs and chips one day, warm cookies all day another day, homemade bread with honey, pancakes, help with proofreading or paper writing, etc. and a lunch and learn forum with speakers from the campus or community  We welcome suggestions.

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  1. Michal - I don't know any other way to connect with you - I was looking at another blog of yours (the one with Mason's Dutch girl cookies��) how are you? I would love to talk with you 909-855-5308 call me sometime hugs, "mama sue"